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Brianne Brass

Director of Logistics

Brianne Brass

Brianne Brass, Director of Logistics: An advocate for community outreach, education and an experienced provider of social services Brianne is passionate about providing meaningful experiences to our youth through education.

She serves as a necessary structure to establish and adhere to logistics in planning YES events. Brianne is well versed in coordinating events that are align with set forth goals and the mission of an organization. She will assist in combining the ideas and vision of YES’ board members to create organized events and programs.

Brianne is responsible for overseeing the operations of YES’ events and programs. She organizes details and collaborates with Board members and various parties to ensure that each event/program is planned effectively and efficiently.

Brianne graduatedfrom Grambling State University; “where everybody is somebody”; with a Bachelor of science with a major in Criminal Justice and a Master of Science in Criminal Justice as well.Growing up Brianne’s father was in the military and their family moved quite often. Brianne has lived on nearly every coast of the United States and enjoys traveling and learning about different cultures.