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I have been blessed in my life and been fortunate as a youth to have never experienced the trials and tribulations that our youth are experiencing today. I have had trials that have come my way, but with strong leaders and the Grace of God, I overcame all obstacles.

As founder of Youth Empowered for Success(YES) our organization is looking to make a difference in our youth and the community that they live in, and I believe that our professional directors and diverse staff together, shall make a substantial impact with hands-on support to bring about a significant change in their lives. We want to help our youth become leaders and build their confidence to know who they are and what they have to offer.

This world is made up of groups, organizations and people that care, and if we all unite and focus on the main goal of our young people/children then we can see the results in out youth, our community, and our world.

Yes believes that when a child's life has changed, their community will change, and when a child's community changes, the World Change.

And it's my commitment to Develop the Whole Child.