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Kayleia Nelson

Recruiting Director

Kayleia Nelson

Kayleia Nelson, Recruiting Director: She is responsible for all aspects of the organization and management, she works hand-in-hand with the Executive Director to execute the growth and success of the organization and implanting strategies to lead the board to serve its mission and purpose.

She is currently a corporate recruiter but her dream Is to serve the community through a nonprofit organization by changing the lives of others. Kayleia found family in the community which saved her life growing up by filling many voids, through her journey she discovered the importance of our community and the impact it has on one another. By deciding to use her personal testimony, she decided to bring awareness to others who need the community as well.

Kayleia passion is mentoring the youth, hosting and creating events, building program content and motivating others to make a change. She is determined to do for others what that the community did foe her.

Kayleia attended Texas Women University with a major in Biology, in her spare time she writes poetry and enjoys creative arts such as painting, blogging and spending time with her daughter Serenity.